Who we are

The KrowdFile Project is a nonprofit startup dedicated to increasing the rights and protections for freelancers through online tool creation and awareness building. We are an international team of freelancers, activists, and hackers creating a better future of online, part-time, and gig based work for everyone in the new economy. We beleive that a person's work history should never be seen as sole proprietary data, so our starting activist focus is on giving freelancers ownership of reputations that they earn in online marketplaces, and the freedom to work where they want.

KrowdFile.org is our platform (currently in closed Beta) for hosting online tools and services that can help freelancers find new clients on their own terms, connect with peers, advocate for legal change, and share their experiences with the global community. Our larger goal is to establish a communally operated creative space where freelancers can come together to design, build and improve the tools that help them work smarter and stay sane. Our inspirations are nonprofits like Wikimedia and Mozilla Firefox, and we are building the same for freelancers.

KrowdFile.org will only be as a good as the community behind it. If you are a freelancer, work with freelancers, or care about the future of online work we need your feedback on our project. You can read more about our starting tools, or new projects that are still in the development stage. If you are interested in contributing to any of our projects, or have an idea for something new, join a team in krowdbuilding an independent online space for all freelancers. Create your KrowdFile account now, and join the conversation on how we can improve our platform and our tools.