Virtual Internship with KrowdFile

Work with a tech startup, connect with a great international team, be creative, get practical experience of working on a growing crowdcreated project, and help a nonprofit do something good for freelancers worldwide. And its a virtual internship can be done from anywhere, and anyone, in the world.

In high school? College? Switching careers?

Learning back-end? Front-end? Mobile development? IT? Design? QA? Business? Marketing?

Email us at with a resume and cover letter, and a preference of which skills you would like to improve, or tools you would like to help with, and we will do our best to find you a great working environment.

Note: This is an unpaid internship (we don't pay our staff either), it wont work towards a US visa (because its virtual), but it can count towards school credits (depending on your university). There is no coffee bringing, copy making, commute or office politics. Be part of a challenging and creative work environment, stay longer and move up to leadership positions in projects, and get great references from our team members. The work hours are fully flexible (apart from online team meetings), but you will need to contribute at least 15 hours a week for 3+ months to be an effective part of a team. 95% of our communication is typing based, so people with speech disabilities are always welcome on our team.