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Writing about KrowdFile?

See our Blogger Page for more info.

Improving or creating new online tools?

Check out our FAQ KrowdBuilding Page to get connected with a team.

Volunteering or joining our team?

If you have good experience in coding, IT, security, marketing, PR, legal or accounting we could use your help in growing KrowdFile. If you can donate a few hours of your professional time, or want to become a part of our team, email us at

An internship with a tech nonprofit?

Learn more at our KrowdFile Internships Page.

Supporting KrowdFile?

If you are considering supporting KrowdFile through a donation, grants, or have suggestions for fundraising opportunities please email us at

Reporting a technical issue with

If you have noticed an issue with our platform, or any of our tools, please post an issue report in one of the KrowdFile Trello boards. Otherwise post improvements and suggestions in the appropriate section of the KrowdFile forum.

A request of a Legal nature?

If you have legal advice, suggestions, or would be interested in helping us as a legal professional email us at to get connected with our legal department, or request our organisation’s mailing address for legal notices. .

A partnership with KrowdFile?

We are always looking for allies and partners in our mission. Are you a company or organisation working to help freelancers, digital workers, or increase digital rights and freedoms? Do you have a tool that can help online workers? Contact us at to start a conversation on how we can help each other or work together. We will also appreciate suggestions for people or organisations we should connect with to help in our mission.