Freelancer Rights Activism

Our current advocacy focus is through RepClone, a reputation importing tool that gives freelancers ownership of their work histories from online marketplaces. We are rapidly moving towards an economy of online, and internet connected work. An online reputation determines a freelancers earning potential, so the issue of who “owns” this record of successful work is vital to the freedoms freelancers will have in the new economy. Our argument is that a person’s work history cannot be held as sole proprietary data by a website. Just like an individual's medical history, or legal information, data that directly determines your ability to earn a living cannot be solely “owned” by an online service provider, but should also belong to the individual. Currently this is a legal grey zone, and there is no legislation that defines the rights of online workers on this issue. Our goal is to raise awareness of this problem, start the conversation, and push for social and legal changes on this issue.

Our next focus is on bringing the freelancer community together to create the Online Freelancers Bill of Rights (OFBR): a set of rights and protections that online workers should expect from the tools, marketplaces and services they use online. This is not an exercise in positive intentions. As consumers of online services we can choose to work with companies that give us rights and protections, and avoid those that take them away. As a connected community of freelancers we have the economic power to preference companies that adopt the OFBR, and thus influence the legal and economic landscape of our future workplaces. To learn more, join the discussion on Freelancer Activism in the forums. And check out the KrowdFile User Rights Agreement for an example of digital rights that every freelancer should have.

If you know of other vital issues concerning the freelancer community, and want to join us in working for positive change, post them in the forums or email us at