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Master your online work history. Combine reputations from multiple online marketplaces.
Share with clients. Use in promotions. Export to resume. You’ve earned it. Own it. Use it.

Built For Online Freelancers

KrowdFile is a professional profile that speaks in projects, gigs, positive review rates, rankings and skills. Present yourself as a freelancer should.

Reputation Importing Tool

Import different online reputations for your clients to see in one profile. 40+ Online Marketplaces already added, and growing. Coders, writers, bloggers, babysitters; we are all freelancers.

Global Freelancer Directory

Connect with every freelancer across the galaxy. . Your KrowdScore (TM) helps your clients find you by Location, Specific Skills, and Online Marketplace Rankings.

Export Reputation To Resume

Use KrowdFile export tools to add your reputation and references to your resume, blog or website.


Join other freelancers to share your experience about marketplaces, best working practices and job leads.

Freelancer Promotions

Stay in touch with former clients. Send different types of promotions only to the people that want to see them, and keep your followers happy.